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Steve Keller


Westminster, United States
Steve Keller (Goodcontent)

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B.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute, Photography
Brooks Institute, California film/video

The photographic image is interpretated differently by each person, and that even changes through time, everyone brings their own life experiences to reading and interpreting the content of an image.

If you purchased any of my images, thank you for buying!


Apuntado :
June 14, 2006
Nikon D2X, Nikon Lenses, (70-300mm zoom & 24-120 mm zoom) Tiltall & PhotoShop CS4 Extended.
Temas preferidos:
Photographing for stock, advertising, annual reports ,and of famous people, weird strange things and the West, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah. Historic Sites of the West, Gost towns, Old Forts, Mining structures, etc. Check out my Historic photograph collection http://miningbureau.com Professional Digital Photography Fine art Photography. Computer Generated Imagery, 3-D Computer Graphics, mesh creation and rendering. http://stevekellerphoto.com
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