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I'm also seeking sharpness. The only advantage in getting a new camera that I can see is better autofocus or speed. If you want to stay with a crop sensor, then the 80D is a good next step. Another idea is go for a sharper lens. Here's what I&# ... [Leer más...]

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LOL @ blogger's paradise. You sure have some funny ideas about other people, WA.

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I see both sides. Past a certain number of users, smaller payouts really make no sense, and to do them cripples the company. However, you also can't deny that DT profits from that situation, too -- for all the people who don't make it to the th ... [Leer más...]

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Michael Tulloch Jr


Tallahassee, United States
Michael Tulloch Jr (Tarage)

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Be righteous and you will be lonely. Be lonely and you will be free.

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April 21, 2017
Canon EOS Rebel T5 / various lenses
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Nature, animals, architecture
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