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Tangle, can you please tell us how quickly we should expect the confirmation email after we request payment? Thank you!

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the buyer picks how they want to the search results to be displayed (Best Selling / Most Relevant etc.) and that setting is then savedRickdeacon, that is how it is on DT already. My selection of "most relevant" stays my selected metho ... [Leer más...]

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I am a photo buyer for my job, I just purchased 6 images from DT today for a work project. Here's a really good point about DT, they are listening to the buyers input. When you purchase an image there is now a request from DT to tell them what you a ... [Leer más...]

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I am a photographer, art director and designer living in Florida. My passion is to capture great stock images. Thanks for checking out my portfolio!

Apuntado :
May 23, 2011
Nikon, Adobe and Macintosh
Temas preferidos:
Nature photography, the human experience and conceptual imagery.
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Fotógrafo seleccionado entreFebruary 24, 2015 y March 3, 2015