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John Schwegel


Naples, United States

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Apuntado : April 24, 2009

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John Schwegel was born and raised in southern New Jersey. His love for art and cartoons started at a very early age. The box his crib came in was covered with little crayon doodles by the time he was walking. Most of his drawings were of wacky little creatures and monsters, with the occasional caricature of classmates and teachers which usually got him into trouble. Most of his free time was spent in front of the TV watching cartoons with a sketchpad in hand.

John attended the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, where he majored in illustration and continued drawing his little freakies and beasties. After graduating, he discovered digital art and taught himself to create his freaky little friends on the computer. Most of his current work is done entirely in Adobe Illustrator, which helps prove there is something truly wrong with this boy. Lucky for us, John is still that wacky cartoon watching kid at heart. Check out his Portfolio of Spooky Cuteness at


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