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Well I'm on the verge of throwing in the towel here! with my type of portfolio its become a pointless affair. I cant waste time uploading and it seems that established contributors dont seem to have a place here anymore!

Posteado en A theory why sales are so slow!!

TMarchev!! Oh good to hear from somebody experienced! I just started in stock-photography! I am glad to hear its normal among agencies. Thanks for the info! I'm a newbie you see!

Posteado en A theory why sales are so slow!!

Dt is not the only one just look at the biggest one! what right frame of mind buyer wants to search in a place with 120 million files, its just ludicrous and now they are paying for it. Sales there have tanked some 30% overall and people are going nuts a ... [Leer más...]

Posteado en A theory why sales are so slow!!

Christian Lagereek


Stockholm, Sweden
Christian Lagereek (Fred11)

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Youre only as good as your last shot.

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March 3, 2006
CanonMIII, Hasselblad HD5, Leica-S2, Canon 1Dx Canon MIII, Hasselblad HD5, Leica-S2, Canon 1dx II.
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Industry, technology, advertising, etc
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Fotógrafo seleccionado entreMarch 28, 2013 y April 4, 2013