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David R Peter


Canby, United States
David R Peter (Davidpeter)

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Professional Freelance photographer since 1985. My interest and focus is on Environmental Outdoor Photography including wildlands, wildlife, plants, and endangered species. Travel /Cultural images are a passion as well. After work with other stock agents in past years, I have chosen to use Dreamtime as my exclusive agent because of excellent quality and good customer service. I use my photography to support local and global efforts to preserve nature and its interconnected web of life. I pled ... más

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January 25, 2009
Canon 60-D. L- series lenses from 28-640 mm range. International and Local Travel.
Temas preferidos:
Natural Lighting, Nature Photography. Wildlife Photography only in native habitat. Cultural ceremonies, places. Travel, Scenics. Threatened Ecosystems. Subsistence living, Cultural groups. Biodiversity,Climate Change.
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Soy un fotógrafo que trabaja exclusivamente con Dreamstime.com.

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