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Actually, not getting enough depth of field is more of a problem than too much for the photographers on Dreamstime. I've been submitting most of my images shot with an Olympus D OM1. Never a problem. My Nikon D810 sits in my safe. Why drive a SUV wh ... [Leer más...]

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Sadly Andrei, not enough people shared your enthusiasm for this technological tour de force. As for now, it seems that the "print" medium is a tiny niche, but a valuable one at that. I still enjoy looking through my parent's physical famil ... [Leer más...]

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I find it odd that you're giving advice when you have no photos on Dreamstime. Were all your submitted photos rejected?

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Christian Delbert


Carlisle, United States
Christian Delbert (Babar760)

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I'm still waiting for my best shot

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August 25, 2006
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