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Todd A. Blanchard


Knoxville, United States

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Apuntado : April 4, 2010

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Growing up in hot and muggy Lafayette, Louisiana, Todd enjoyed being indoors creating his pencil and pen and ink sketches. His love of art led him to study art and architecture, as well as “something that will actually make money,” computer science, at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana). After graduation and a move to Knoxville, Tennessee, he found himself gainfully employed as a computer programmer, about as far away from an artistic experience as you can get.

Living in the very scenic hills of East Tennessee inspired Todd to not give up his artistic pursuits and so he spent his spare time creating original landscapes and abstract designs using acrylics. Again, life intervened and Todd found himself taking a hiatus from painting, spending all his spare time with his wife and their infant son. Many moons and a few moves later, Todd was back in front of the canvas, this time with oil paints in hand. As his family confidently cheered him on, he devoted more and more time to his creative side, producing over 50 works in six years. Many of his paintings have been donated for charitable auctions and fundraisers and he has an ever-growing list of patrons commissioning his work.

As if that weren’t enough, Todd has now added photography to his repertoire. His family will tell you that hiking and vacationing with him is interesting, as he is constantly being left behind or wandering off to take photographs of everything he sees. With his eye for beauty and nature, his photographs are quickly becoming the central focus of his creative endeavors.

Todd can usually be found wandering around the hills of East Tennessee taking pictures. He’s the guy with the camera glued to his face, about to fall off the side of the mountain. If you don’t feel like hiking around to locate him, you can contact him through his web page:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All work in this gallery is the original work of Todd A. Blanchard. It is copyrighted to Todd A. Blanchard and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.
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