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Problems to get the MR filled in correctly

Time and again I have the problem that models don't want to fill in all the necessary details in the MR form. They are afraid that Telephone-number and E-Mail address are misused for unwanted advertisement. One person I ask for a MR said that he is afraid, that giving his name and confidential data he can be located at google, yahoo etc...
It's hard to convince them that these data's will be handled with care and that the MR is not visible for anyone...
How do you manage these problems? Since MR that are not correctly filled in will be rejected?
Would be nice to have some explanations included in the MR document itself!
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Fijado: 07/10/2012, 02:37:32 AM
You can reassure your models that all the data on the model release is reviewed only by the editors of Dreamstime and are legal documents that are not public. Also, as any legal document, they have to be correctly and completely filled in.
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Fijado: 07/10/2012, 02:46:07 AM
But sometimes you are speaking to strangers... They really have to trust me if they have just my word that the data is handled confidential...
Would be much easier when such things are already in the MR document they sign. That would gíve them a much better feeling and would make it much easier for the photographer too.
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Fijado: 07/10/2012, 03:03:10 AM
Why do they think their information is going online? I've never had anyone think that. Maybe it's because I say something like, "I need this for my records, in case anyone asks if I have your permission to use these photos." There's no need to confuse them with further details, unless they ask.

Also, once you point out that, if their photos are really successful, there may be money in it for them, they are much more willing to give you their contact information.

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Fijado: 07/10/2012, 07:41:39 AM