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Please let us know to which sections, features, buttons you are referring exactly as being necessary to be kept for the sake of navigation. We are aware that a major update in the page layout may be inconvenient in the beginning and may be received with ... [Leer más...]

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Got it and will talk on the email. Once you receive my reply, please close this topic :). Thank you.

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On second thought, I cannot :) because you have the old email address. So please contact me at carmen (at) dreamstime (dot) com. We'll get to the bottom of this, no worries.

Posteado en profile update problem

Carmen Pietraru


Bucharest, Romania
Carmen Pietraru (Tangie)

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I am one of the brave Dreamstime admins. I am friendly, sociable and quite talkative so don't be surprised if I answer some of your emails. I can help you with site-related questions and I specialize in usages, licenses, exclusivity issues, keywords, searches and account management. When very young, I fancied traveling around the world but ended up embarking on a long and interesting journey into the land of foreign language studies. So I may check your image info, posts, blogs and/or anyth ... más

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June 1, 2007
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