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Michele Hansen


Shoreline, United States
Michele Hansen (Mhahse57)

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My love of English Medieval History, and Pre-Rephaelite art of the late 19th Century inspire me to express the passions, loves, and determination, of human life. Whether my art is based on reality, fantasy, or historical events, my goal is to preserve the integrity of the subject matter, and allow the story to be freely interpreted by the viewer.

Apuntado :
February 4, 2011
Prints: Photos, Nikon D3000; Art Print Conversion via Photoshop CS3
Temas preferidos:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, English Medieval History, the 13th Century, Middle Ages Arms and Armor, Dramatic scenes in various locales. I am very fond of capturing images of modern sports enthuiasts such as skateboarders, and bmx/motocross competitors in action.
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