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Apuntado : November 4, 2009

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Pacific NW Photography by Mark Benjamin David The beauty and wonder we see in the realm of nature is but a reflection of another realm. Sometimes I take the camera with me on my many walks/hikes. At other times I purposely go for a specific type of photo. I have a collection of photos that were taken while I lived at the Oregon coast, these were 35mm film. In Spring '08 I acquired a new Digital SLR camera and have discovered a whole new experience in photography! I sometimes use filters for effects (on the camera), also at times I will manipulate photos on a computer (35mm or digital). I sometimes use the computer to enhance a photo (such as brighten the color, or make it look like artwork), sometimes I like to make things look more abstract or animated, or at other times change the photo to make it look "otherworldly", to gain a different perspective. Although I have taken photos of people (mainly candid shots), nature photography is what I enjoy most. Future Projects Though I've taken more sunset than sunrise photos, there's nothing like the breaking of dawn... the start of a new day... I tried to capture this in photos a few times while living at the coast, but this proved to be a difficult task. Perhaps I will find a way to artistically manipulate a few of these photos on my computer as a future project. I have a few ideas for other future projects as well. New Digital Camera I acquired a Pentax K10D Digital SLR in Spring '08 with an 18-55mm zoom lens (equivalent to a 28-84mm zoom lens in 35mm format). This lens has a macro ability; I also use close-up filter lenses to get even closer at times. I often use a polarizing filter. So I have a renewed interest in photography and I will have new things coming out as well as old — both digital and 35mm. M. Benjamin David currently lives in the Portland Oregon Metropolitan area.
I have a collection of photos I took with a previous 35mm camera. I currently use a Pentax K10D with 18-55mm lens (since Spring '08.)