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Helena Jonsson


Malmö, Sweden

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Why I photograph is simple. I love to do it and sometimes I feel like I have a need, to put the world between four frames. Maybe just to see what it looks like. I have photographt many years, and reasantly I finished a 1 year long photoscool that opend more doors for me. Not just as a photographer but also as an artist in photografy. I constantly grow as an artist...

I hope you enjoy

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June 17, 2008
I often use my Canon eos Mark s ll when I photograph animals and children. I also use my Canon eos 500 with often a Tri-x film or a color film. Canon 16-35mm Canon 100-300mm Canon 24mm Canon 28-80mm
Temas preferidos:
Streetphotography, children, animals, and other things that touches me somehow.

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