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Okay, I thought that was only a section to show 4+years without sales. A little misleading when I just uploaded this week. But okay, so I guess everything I submitted got approved for sales.

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Congrats on your achievements. I only strive to be half the photographer you are with your travel work. You are a role-model to many of us here.

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Done that... That part I get. They have now been reviewed and show ONLINE. But were they online for purchase or online for FREE. Is there a section in my account that shows which photos in my portfolio are FREE?

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Jems Photography


Houston, United States
Jems Photography (Jrpopfan)

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Jenny has had her hands on a camera since age 13. Elisabeth's love for food and travel makes the duo a winning combination. The photos shown are a collaboration between us. Each of us shoot our own style while out on the town and exploring. We come back and combine all the photos taken and pick our best work for displaying and selling.

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February 28, 2017
Olympus OMD E-M10 M.14-42mm, M40-150mm Canon EOS T3 EF-S18-55mm Canon Powershot G16 Canon Powershot XS110S
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flowers, cats, travel, urban, details, up close, macro, etc
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Soy un fotógrafo que trabaja exclusivamente con Dreamstime.com.

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