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Apuntado : July 27, 2008

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John J. McGeough has been teaching since 1974. John has recently published his book Remembering and Learning with Digital Photography which can be found at His career reflects his diverse talents. His experience as a teacher includes outstanding service at all levels from middle school to doctoral level instruction. John has taught, counseled and led literally thousands of students. His service to education has included many leadership positions from department chair responsibilities to leading major curriculum and grant projects. At the University of Houston John served as an Instructional Television Instructor in Education for the Gifted and Talented. John served much of his career in the public schools teaching music, band and the sciences at advanced levels. He has years of experience working with gifted and talented students at all levels. During the same time he worked with students who had profound difficulty learning. Those years led him to question almost everything in our public education systems. As a musician John has been a conductor with organizations as varied as Houston’s Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company, the Houston Civic Symphony, the Houston Youth Symphony and a stint with Houston’s Theater Under the Stars. Those are only a few of his musical accomplishments. He is also an accomplished trumpet teacher and performer. Today John is a Youth Pastor working with kids of all ages. His ministry includes child advocacy, support for home schooling families, foster parenting, and preaching the gospel to America’s youth. John devotes his remaining time to writing, education consulting political advocacy and activism in education, independent education, adult learning, speaking and presentations concerning home schooling, independent learning and education reform. He has also been an expert witness to the Texas House/Senate Education subcommittee. John also provides support to children and families entangled in the Juvenile Justice System. . He believes that this is a time of vast and historic change in the way children are taught. He strongly feels that traditional approaches to education have largely failed. One of his core beliefs is that mass assembly line education is a failed system that is doomed to extinction. He states that most children and young people are poorly served in today’s one size fits all and test driven approach to testing. He believes that the educational techniques common t
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