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Yes, you are allowed to upload images already online for assignments, but you are not allowed to use the same image for more than one assignment. Or at least that is what you told me when I asked about this in a previous assignment. And the whole voting ... [Leer más...]

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I am humble and interested in learning and always curious about new photographers, but I am a talanted photographer that know my worth. But checking your section of popular makes me wonder under wich criteria you summon this list. I have only 301 photos ... [Leer más...]

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I have also been contacted about selling my account. Just ignore it, it's obviously a scam.

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Gabriella Gothberg


Stockholm, Sweden
Gabriella Gothberg (Gabriellagothberg)

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I would love to know what my images are used for, so if you find the time, please drop me a line.

Apuntado :
September 16, 2014
Nikon, Tamron.
Temas preferidos:
Gloom, perspectives and details.
ránquing stock:
Soy un fotógrafo que trabaja exclusivamente con Dreamstime.com.

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