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Apuntado : May 3, 2015

My name is Freedom Rose and I am 32 yrs. old. I am married and a mother of three. I am a general artist, which means that I love everything artistic, and I am a Nature Photographer. This interest started when I was very young. However, it cost so much to print the film that my parents made me stop taking pictures of anything but friends or family. Then when I grew up and had a family I started taking more pictures again but it wasn't long before my husband said the same thing my parents did. Finally, they came out with SD cards and digital cameras! I got one shortly after I got my GED and then went off to online college. That's when I discovered what I truly loved and the best part was that my friends and family were partaking in my interests as well! I got my Associates in Graphic Design but have had no luck finding a job or creating a job in that area. So my husband has since urged me to start selling some of my images but nothing panned out until now! I have had three poems and two pictures published since I was 13 years of age but to actually do this as a career is my life long dream!!!
Nikon CoolPix with 15x optical zoom and 10 Megapixels
Temas preferidos:
Animals, Nature, and People in Nature

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