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Exclusive , improved search placement????
Well DT,   Because of all the changes in policies I started to check out a lot of things on the site and I notice some things who do not make me happy at all:   One of your promises is an improved search placement so I started to check my best sellers with the most relevant Keywords, I can use one example, my best seller is a picture about human rights:     [img]42621214[/img]    I looked for it with the Best selling option, Its a level 3 image so I supposed it would be with the other level Three Images, I looked through all the pages with the Most relevant Keywords: Human Rights, and do you know what , No picture to be found, it isn't even in the list....
Creado por Cleymans,
2 days ago at 02:08
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Último mensaje: today at 08:04,
publicado por Cleymans
Deleting my files
I would like to delete my account, how do I go about doing it?...
Creado por Nybyhudson,
on 09/16/2016
177 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 09/16/2016,
publicado por Malinash
How to become a photographer exclusive on dreamstime
Creado por Alionaz,
on 05/06/2010
8,976 vistas
26 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 09/12/2016,
publicado por Malinash
Help need from admin sides  CERRADO
upload image not go to unfinished file area but meassage show image sent to unfinish files but there are no photo and i check this problem running morthan 1....
Creado por Bhabotoshchakraborty,
on 07/07/2015
993 vistas
10 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 09/09/2016,
publicado por Bhabotoshchakraborty
How long can be exclusive photographer?  CERRADO
I have already upload more than 50 photos, but delayed by my exclusive application....
Creado por Tangerine930,
on 08/27/2016
290 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/29/2016,
publicado por Tangerine930
Free section images not available to download
I have some old images that I decided to change to free images (at Dreamstime's proposal - which I perfectly understand and respect) and - at the time I'm writing this - I have nine images in the Free Section....
Creado por Shoricelu,
on 01/19/2015
1,400 vistas
7 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/23/2016,
publicado por 4harmony
Batch submission of unfinished files
Is there a way to batch submit a bunch of files....
Creado por Membio,
on 09/30/2013
4,066 vistas
15 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/20/2016,
publicado por Darwel1
Image sold but still Level 0?
So far, I have sold three images through Dreamstime....
Creado por Visionimaging,
on 08/11/2016
341 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/11/2016,
publicado por Rik57
Similar images
Sometimes refused photos comes with a message that you have very similar images....
Creado por Helgardas,
on 07/22/2016
529 vistas
7 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/05/2016,
publicado por Helgardas
Length of time it takes for images to get passed QC
How long does it take on average to get images on sale?...
Creado por Chrishayworth,
on 07/01/2016
1,452 vistas
5 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/04/2016,
publicado por Barrysgallery
How do I delete a photo?
In another thread, a moderator mentions that to delete a photo, I have to click on Edit next to one of the photos in my online files and a Delete button will be presented....
Creado por Visionimaging,
on 07/26/2016
383 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/27/2016,
publicado por Tangie
Sell The Rights license
Hi, I noticed images that were sold for a number of times can still be bought with Sell The Rights license....
Creado por Sardoming,
on 07/12/2016
395 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/12/2016,
publicado por Sardoming
How to increase sells ?
Dear Dreamers,  I'm near to complete my first year in this community....
Creado por Tetopedro,
on 09/30/2010
3,353 vistas
16 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/11/2016,
publicado por Williamsphere
Request Payment Prompt
When the REQUEST PAYMENT page opens the cursor/prompt goes automatically to the third option 'moneybookers' ....
Creado por Thefinalmiracle,
on 07/06/2016
411 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/08/2016,
publicado por Tangie
Explanation of method for payment under "Sell the rights"
I have searched for an answer to my question on the message boards but have been unable to find an answer specific to my query....
Creado por Werdiam,
on 05/05/2016
770 vistas
7 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/03/2016,
publicado por Chanevy
Replacing file with another?
My last photo that was sold has become a Level 2 image....
Creado por Visionimaging,
on 06/21/2016
613 vistas
8 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 06/24/2016,
publicado por Bhabotoshchakraborty
How 'smart' is the search function of DT
I was wondering if it is possible to do the search with OR logic?...
Creado por Sardoming,
on 06/21/2016
249 vistas
0 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 06/21/2016,
publicado por Sardoming
Upload similars as 'Sets'
Now that DT has this extremely relaxed view of 'similars' would it not be better for every one if there was a specific facility to upload as a 'set'?...
Creado por Heathse,
on 06/20/2016
356 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 06/20/2016,
publicado por Heathse
Reporting bad keywords
I recently searched for Taupo, New Zealand....
Creado por Brackishnewzealand,
on 05/25/2016
661 vistas
6 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 06/14/2016,
publicado por Unteroffizier
I want to make a better caption
I am A third-year newspaper veteran and always follow what we call AP (associated Press) rules in writing Photo captions basically, who they are, where are they, why, when was usually just done by the date and then of course most likely went with the story so we would add what we refer to as a slug, (city31) an abbreviation of the story with possibly the date that it's running till copy editors and enders can find it by using that in this in the system....
Creado por Tjones007,
on 06/07/2016
513 vistas
7 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 06/09/2016,
publicado por Rik57

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