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Illustrator's Opinion
Hi Dreamstime's Friends,  I started this year to make some illustrations....
Creado por Lglucena,
on 07/21/2016
116 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/22/2016,
publicado por Lglucena
Adobe Photoshop CC rendering
So out of curiosity I have been searching but couldn't seem to find any good guides for the use of photoshops 3D rendering abilities....
Creado por Jamescdebaca,
on 03/04/2016
1,818 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 06/20/2016,
publicado por Jannatul18
Exclusive again but sales still low.
I was doing OK but decided to stop being exclusive and sell my illustrations at various sites....
Creado por Grafiker37,
on 03/30/2016
1,162 vistas
9 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/18/2016,
publicado por Mg121977
JPEG to small - (Vectors)
I am new here and wanted to upload some vectors....
Creado por Johnyoungphotography,
on 03/02/2015
1,993 vistas
6 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 03/11/2016,
publicado por Annal169
I am not a photographer but an illustrator
I am not a photographer but an illustrator....
Creado por Galisti,
on 02/22/2016
625 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 02/22/2016,
publicado por Galisti
In Chinese, Happy Monkey Year
I don't post this to ask for downloads, as after crossed the Chinese New Year,  No one will download my Monkeys already....
Creado por Likeblack,
on 02/16/2016
566 vistas
0 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 02/16/2016,
publicado por Likeblack
Dreamtimes samples on website
Is it possible and/or allowable by Dreamstime to have a couple of samples of my artwork with Dreamstime watermark on my website with a link to Dreamstime?...
Creado por Anita61,
on 02/11/2016
615 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 02/12/2016,
publicado por Anita61
Need feedback on portfolio
Hello, i have been in dreamstime as a contributor for about a year, I´m mostly an illustrator contributor but also have some pictures....
Creado por Bernardojbp,
on 12/29/2015
1,258 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 02/11/2016,
publicado por Bernardojbp
EPS file by Inscape
Help me please, anyone use inskcape?...
Creado por Heavypong,
on 08/31/2015
1,048 vistas
6 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 01/08/2016,
publicado por Heavypong
800 files Accepted
Hello everyone i am happy to inform you that i reached to milestone of 800 uploads, thanks to Dreamstime and everyone....
Creado por Nileshrmalkani,
on 04/01/2014
2,984 vistas
12 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 01/07/2016,
publicado por Maiyude
Requirements for vector..
what are the requirements for uploading vector illustrations in dreamstime?...
Creado por Margorita,
on 11/18/2009
7,287 vistas
13 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 01/04/2016,
publicado por Bluemoon1981
Illustration to simple?  CERRADO
I was wondering how it can be determined on how an illustration is just to plain simple....
Creado por Fotografieschnabel,
on 12/06/2015
956 vistas
7 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/06/2015,
publicado por Juanpfotografia
Raster effects in illustrations?
I've created a number of images in Photoshop that are a hybrid of vectors, painting, and noise effects because I prefer the way Photoshop renders noise versus illustrator's grain effect which never looks as robust to me....
Creado por Pinonsky,
on 12/04/2015
681 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/04/2015,
publicado por Pinonsky
Exclusive Vector uploads for new memebers
Hi,   I am new in this beautiful website,  i wanna ask, can i sell my vectors as EXCLUSIVE?...
Creado por Dezigngrafic,
on 11/30/2015
829 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/01/2015,
publicado por Dezigngrafic
Additional eps formats
I submitted some eps files before I really knew much about vectors....
Creado por Geomergent,
on 11/16/2015
778 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 11/18/2015,
publicado por Geomergent
Is a PNG Additional Format File Considered a Vector?
I've been uploading PNG additional format files, are those considered to be a vector file?...
Creado por Wisconsinart,
on 11/09/2015
708 vistas
10 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 11/10/2015,
publicado por Wisconsinart
Updating an illustration that has already been accepted?
I am new to illustration and I just got two illustrations accepted!...
Creado por Geomergent,
on 11/04/2015
693 vistas
6 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 11/05/2015,
publicado por Malinash
Downloaded a vector but it is an image and not a proper vector.?
Hi I am new and I just downloaded cactus realistic set ( ID 56436799) which says it is an vector but I opened it in illustrator and its a clipart image and I cannot make it smaller bigger, change colours or anything....
Creado por Anette196,
on 10/30/2015
728 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 10/31/2015,
publicado por Red
Help with rejection for inaccessible objects  CERRADO
EDITED BY ADMIN  As per our forum rules, please do not discuss rejections on here, as your rejections where from a different agency also, I suggest you contact them directly for further clarification....
Creado por Sigive,
on 09/26/2015
1,131 vistas
0 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 09/26/2015,
publicado por Sigive
The 3D effect
I am not an illustrator....
Creado por Seawatch1,
on 09/22/2015
882 vistas
9 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 09/24/2015,
publicado por Matthiase

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