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Gerrit Jan (gj)


Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Gerrit Jan (gj) (Culturalstockphoto)

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Culturalstockphoto aims at providing you with high quality images of a varied amount of (cultural) subjects: architecture, buildings, cathedrals, churchinteriors, landscapes, objects, stained glass...you name it, we deliver! Apart from this, culturalstockphoto has another specialty to offer: We often go to particular places that are quite thrilling but unknown to many people. We visit these places and make the images available to you. So, if you are looking for something special, take ... más

Apuntado :
July 18, 2008
Temas preferidos:
Ancient buildings, medieval or even older cities, landscapes, objects (including lighted objects in the dark), travel photography. I also love to take pictures of stained glass and churches (interior and exterior) in particular.
Soy un fotógrafo que trabaja exclusivamente con Dreamstime.com.