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Paul Murphy


Lancaster, United Kingdom
Paul Murphy (Azurviews)

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I've been interested in the visual arts all my life and been taking photos since my early teens. Current interests are the natural environment close to home and photos of my growing family and friends. I photograph virtually every day and have thousands of images. I'm very new to stock photography and am really enjoying the different ways of thinking this form requires.

Apuntado :
January 10, 2007
Canon 20D, 28-70mm 1:3.5-4.5, old but sharp! Sigma 150mm macro, great for butterflies etc Canon 70-300mm, new lens, great for handholding. Old Mamiya twin lens system for landscapes Epson 4870 to scan trannies Epson 2100 A3 printer
Temas preferidos:
People, family, natural history macro, landscape.

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