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Coming back to life
If a house is destroyed, there is hope that a new one will be raised instead. If a man is humiliated, he'll be back on his feet again. Stormy clouds are just passing by and, in the end, the sun will make its way through. In one way or another, everything gets repaired.

How would you convince us that there is hope in every little brick that seems to put us down? It's the beam of light, or the beautiful floating lanterns sent across the sk...leer más

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February 25, 2015 (03:58)
Blink blink! 30 million images online and still counting thanks to our hardworking contributors! Let's celebrate this important milestone HERE. 100 free credits can be added to designers' accounts if they enter the contest and download the lucky image. - posted by MalinashFebruary 24, 2015 (09:30)
Remote editors wanted! Now's your chance to join our dream team, we've got openings for the remote editor position. If you feel you're up to the job, go ahead and apply here - posted by TangieJanuary 20, 2015 (04:06)
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A dream come true: After months of testing and thorough analyses, Google chooses Dreamstime in order to integrate stock photography into their advertising products: Google display ads will use a large number of images from our collection, this collaboration being beneficial to both advertisers and photographers. We invite all of you to be as excited as we are and to find more details about this collaboration in our special announcement. - posted by Malinash

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