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Attn 'Lilkar' - I'm using one of your photos for a new book cover

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Mensaje editado el día 02/11/2012, 15:12:04 PM por Rosemaryfryth1
'Dark Confluence' is still a 'work in progress' however I hope to have it published on Kindle in the first half of 2012. Your photo stood out to me because it looked very much like the real-life region in which the story is set.

Genre is Dark Fantasy - 'back cover' blurb will be something along the lines of:

The small Queensland town of Emerald Hills is under siege by warring factions of the Fae.

Jen McDonald, a small, neat, almost-overlooked spinster in her fifties faces a quandary. Traumatised by a car accident after seeing a mysterious, dark-shrouded figure on the road, the last thing she wants to be is a heroine. After a terrible storm, frightening deaths and vanishings, and other mysterious goings-on, including meeting a disturbing and desirable stranger, Jen faces the terrible conclusion that perhaps because of her special gifts she is fated to be the town’s defender.

Author of the epic fantasy ‘Riothamus’ trilogy, Rosemary Fryth brings to readers her new novel 'Dark Confluence' - an Australian themed dark fantasy story, written for readers eighteen years and older.

A bit about 'Dark Confluence'

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Mensaje posteado el día 02/20/2012, 02:54:57 AM por Lilkar
Thanks.I wish you every success!

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Mensaje posteado el día 03/08/2012, 19:37:28 PM por Rosemaryfryth1
Just an update. Finished writing the book and it is currently away with an editor/proofreader. Once she gives the go-ahead, it will be published on Kindle.

Lilkar, your name is referenced on the second page of the book (after the title) along with copyright details.

Reference text is:

Cover photo courtesy of
© Lilkar | Dreamstime.com

Link to information on the book is here.

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Mensaje editado el día 03/24/2012, 14:31:51 PM por Rosemaryfryth1
Book is now available for download on Kindle.

Cover photo looks great! Thanks again.

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Mensaje posteado el día 03/29/2012, 12:41:10 PM por Sevenhawks
I'm using the Rolffimage picture on the cover of my new book. The book's title is 'The Claws of the Bear' and the author is C. J. Alexander. The book is an action adventure that will be published in trade paper form with inclusion on Amazon's Kindle. FWIW, the Claws of the title refers to five nuclear weapons, hence the nuclear pattern of the cover. Acknowledgment will be on the copyright page. Thank you.

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Mensaje editado el día 04/03/2012, 14:47:44 PM por Bluseashell
Hello hello!
Using several photos purchase here on Dreamstime, I created the image for a book cover and I basically created and imaginary place using 3 different photos. Is there any statement Dreamstime has that can accompany artwork that I've created, giving me permission to manipulate and use such photos. This is for a publisher who has strict policies.
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