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What do you edit, in Photoshop?
I personally don't have photoshop, but im thinking about getting it....
Creado por Vitabello,
on 08/21/2014
1,438 vistas
19 respuestas
Último mensaje: 5 days ago at 09:26,
publicado por Therealdarla
Cliping path or Layer Mask?
hi   i want to isolate my pictures can you guys tell me what trick i should use?...
Creado por Owaisphotography,
on 10/21/2011
2,063 vistas
5 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 03/24/2015,
publicado por Jannatul18
Clipping Path Company
I am searching for a company that can remove the background from my photos to post to a website....
Creado por Sterlingdesignusa,
on 01/05/2009
3,562 vistas
8 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 03/14/2015,
publicado por Jannatul18
Help setting color profiles my camera, for Dreamstime in RGB our sRGB?...
Hi all I would like clarification on the color profile setting in my camera (Nikon D700), would be better to Dreamstime set to RGB or sRGB, thank you in advance for your courtesy!...
Creado por FabioConcetta,
on 11/06/2013
1,983 vistas
8 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 03/08/2015,
publicado por Janceluch
What is the best color settings on Photoshop?
Hi,     I was reading the book The Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers, and there is saying that the best color setting is Adobe RGB(1998) instead sRGB IEC61966-2....
Creado por Eleandra,
on 02/27/2006
2,764 vistas
8 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 03/07/2015,
publicado por Snookless
Opinion/help on workflow. Lightroom/Photoshop
  [img]30870872[/img]    Hello fellow DT's,  What may be a simple question to most is a bit confusing to me....
Creado por Snookless,
on 03/07/2015
255 vistas
0 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 03/07/2015,
publicado por Snookless
Adobe Cloud for CS6?
I've been questioning whether to switch from CS3 to PS6 on cloud....
Creado por Nospmisk,
on 11/21/2012
3,199 vistas
18 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 01/13/2015,
publicado por Jannatul18
Get good quality drawings in photoshop
I love to draw and has done so for a long time....
Creado por Viridana,
on 01/01/2015
528 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 01/06/2015,
publicado por Wisconsinart
Great Photoshop Technique for making colors pop!
I have to be honest and say that up until now I have been a little lazy when it comes to learning about Photoshop and its abilities....
Creado por Nw10photography,
on 04/16/2012
5,818 vistas
26 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/28/2014,
publicado por Avchiru
Yet Another Gradient Banding Problem
I have an image of the sky, it's storm clouds in the distance after the sun has set....
Creado por Wisconsinart,
on 08/25/2014
894 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/24/2014,
publicado por Robinstockphotos
Skin Touch Up Software or Photoshop Techniques?
if you Google PHOTOSHOP SKIN you get a bazillion hits of various techniques....
Creado por Wisconsinart,
on 06/13/2014
1,103 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/10/2014,
publicado por Jannatul18
Can I edit My photos in photoshop before I upload them here?
Hello There all....
Creado por Greatali,
on 09/02/2014
1,312 vistas
5 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 12/02/2014,
publicado por Myersct
How to save eps additional format  CERRADO
please describe how to save any eps file in Photoshop step by step....
Creado por Bhabotoshchakraborty,
on 10/05/2014
936 vistas
8 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 11/19/2014,
publicado por Rik57
How to save png additional format  CERRADO
hi i want to know how to save png on Photoshop which accept DT....
Creado por Bhabotoshchakraborty,
on 09/30/2014
825 vistas
12 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 10/14/2014,
publicado por Bhabotoshchakraborty
Unable to find my own image...
Hi I am new to DT and I have just few online photos but I have been testing lately search option for my own photos....
Creado por Sebastian423,
on 10/10/2014
650 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 10/10/2014,
publicado por Sebastian423
Remove the noise before submitting your pictures
As said in the other thread many of the submissions we receive are containing a large amount of noise artifacts....
Creado por Achilles,
on 03/24/2004
78,131 vistas
161 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/20/2014,
publicado por Myersct
Can't get replace colour to work ( do I extract a simple design from background)
So I purchased a decorative line divider image on here for my new website but I can't get the replace colour on CS5 to work correctly to change the background on the clipart colour to that of my website, it is always slightly off, even if I directly enter the hex code for the colour I want....
Creado por Chris194468,
on 08/18/2014
701 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/19/2014,
publicado por Rik57
Small Photo Shop Job for hire
Hi guys....
Creado por Taragolden,
on 08/05/2014
1,053 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 08/06/2014,
publicado por Taragolden
How to create collages using photoshop?
Hi was wondering if anyone could help me, I'd like to know if it's possible to create a collage of different photos all on one using photoshop cs4?...
Creado por Heidieaston,
on 04/21/2014
1,152 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/24/2014,
publicado por Bhabotoshchakraborty
Wrap photographic images around solids.
Does anyone knows any free software to create solid forms and wrap photographic images around them ?...
Creado por Danielc1998,
on 07/08/2014
943 vistas
5 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 07/14/2014,
publicado por Danielc1998

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