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Dreamstime Quality  NUEVO
I am having a overall problem with dreamstime quality....
Creado por Lsaunderson,
yesterday at 21:34
152 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: today at 03:36,
publicado por Achilles
Windows Phone App for Dreamstime
Lots of people take photos through their smartphones....
Creado por Aliakbar777,
5 days ago at 18:40
138 vistas
0 respuestas
Último mensaje: 5 days ago at 18:40,
publicado por Aliakbar777
In the mobile app I can not add Property Release and my files are rejected....
Creado por Alvera,
on 05/20/2015
126 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: 6 days ago at 05:12,
publicado por Alvera
Dreamstime site re-directing
As of 4/27/2015, i seem to be having issues with accessing Dreamstime from Google Chrome....
Creado por Tempestz,
on 04/26/2015
370 vistas
6 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/19/2015,
publicado por Tempestz
Clicks source
I got a number of sales lately with the "user searched for" field empty....
Creado por Juanpfotografia,
on 05/18/2015
149 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/18/2015,
publicado por Rik57
Thread Updates - Subscribing to a thread
Hello, I have subscribed to a few of the threads here on Dreamstime and I noticed that I get a new e-mail each time the thread is updated throughout the day....
Creado por Earlydawnphotography,
on 05/12/2015
139 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/15/2015,
publicado por Red
Aviation photos
Sorry of this has been discussed but I have searched and can't find any info regarding Aviation photos....
Creado por Bitesize,
on 05/12/2015
205 vistas
4 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/13/2015,
publicado por Bitesize
DT Security and payout
Hello,   I have some thoughtsabout Dreamstime security and way of payout operation....
Creado por Kalman89,
on 05/11/2015
198 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/12/2015,
publicado por Tangie
Editorial Upload Question
I'm sorry if this has been asked a lot of times already....
Creado por Beng32,
on 05/10/2015
168 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/10/2015,
publicado por Red
Possible bug, between phone and desktop submission.
Hi, this is a report on a possible bug rather than refusal....
Creado por Vincentho,
on 05/07/2015
182 vistas
2 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/07/2015,
publicado por Vincentho
No #res for Pinterest
Bug spotted....
Creado por Alvera,
on 05/06/2015
188 vistas
0 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/06/2015,
publicado por Alvera
I've submitted files a couple days ago....
Creado por Jmweb7,
on 04/17/2015
547 vistas
11 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/05/2015,
publicado por Cglightning
Zoom Feature on photos not working?
Don't we have a "Bugs" forum here?...
Creado por Aardlumens,
on 05/02/2015
219 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 05/02/2015,
publicado por Red
Can I use my exclusive sold photos in competitions?
I'm hoping to use a photo that I've sold on Dreamstime in a competition within work....
Creado por Adrianhg,
on 04/22/2015
470 vistas
12 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/29/2015,
publicado por Tangie
Comparative metrics
Just wanted to suggest some kind of report which would allow me to compare my metrics with contributors who joined more or less the same date as I, and have uploaded more or less the same amount of images that I did....
Creado por Juanpfotografia,
on 04/27/2015
249 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/28/2015,
publicado por Prsntg
Editorial image got refused due to trademark and recognized individual
I submitted one image as editorial one, but it was refused due to trade mark and recognized individual....
Creado por Xy52nemo,
on 04/21/2015
330 vistas
3 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/21/2015,
publicado por Chanevy
How to increase sells ?
Dear Dreamers,  I'm near to complete my first year in this community....
Creado por Tetopedro,
on 09/30/2010
2,047 vistas
13 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/20/2015,
publicado por Joanaps
Check Box For Forum Email Notifications Doesn't Work
When posting in the forums I uncheck the Receive Notification Emails box but I still get emails....
Creado por Wisconsinart,
on 04/01/2015
361 vistas
5 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/18/2015,
publicado por Wisconsinart
Submitting My Site - No URL Field
I am unable to submit my site for the $5 bonus, yet it already has been used for a referral....
Creado por Boatbird,
on 04/14/2015
375 vistas
1 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/15/2015,
publicado por Tangie
Use of Seamless Patterns for Game Creation
I would like to ask if it is acceptable to use seamless patterns - floral, tile and whatever else is considered seamless - for creation for wallpapers and floors in game creating?...
Creado por Curiousgoods,
on 04/09/2015
548 vistas
9 respuestas
Último mensaje: on 04/12/2015,
publicado por TMarchev

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