Nombre completo: Viorel Dudau
Situado en: Bucharest, Romania
Página web:
Apuntado : May 30, 2005
Equipo: Canon 1D Mk III, Canon 7D, Canon 20mm f2.8, 28mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 100mm 2.8
Temas preferidos: business, social, events
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Never in my life had I thought I would become a photographer... It all started as a small business, in a small town, for small money. I bought my first (small) camera to shoot graduation portraits in high schools. But then, having a digital camera, I took it anywhere with me, and shot everything I saw. This is how the passion grew on me. Photography soon became my passion, my job, my life. The passion got bigger, the camera got bigger, and the money also (because I never forgo...
Viorel Dudau (Dudau)

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Stock Image :  Vendimia Venecia
Stock Image :  Fondo de Venecia con el puente de Rialto
Stock Image :  Ejemplo del vintage del colosseum de Roma
Stock Image :  Colosseum de Roma
Stock Image :  Ejemplo del fondo de Londres
Stock Image :  Postal del vintage de París
Stock Image :  Postal de París
Stock Image :  milano
Stock Image : Demanda del equipaje del aeropuerto

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Stock Image : Torre Eiffel de París por noche
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Stock Image : Venecia
Stock Image : Venecia
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Imágenes exclusivas
Stock Image : Elena Udrea
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Stock Image : Interior de Hagia Sophia
Stock Image : Taza del vidrio de agua
Stock Image : Habitación

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Stock Image : Primeros pasos de progresión
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Stock Image : Reflexión de espejo
Stock Image : Mujer en el edificio de oficinas
Stock Image : Novia sonriente con el sombrero
Stock Image : Empleado de oficina
Stock Image : Tablero en blanco blanco

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