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Apuntado : November 18, 2008
Equipo: Pentax k10d with smc-DA 18-55mm smc-M 55/1.8 and smc-DA 55-300mm ; Canon S3 IS ; Casio EX-Z110
Temas preferidos: CARS (new!), Homes, Algarve, Tiling/Construction, Budapest, Hungarian historical architecture, Hungarian winter, Hungarian spring, Hungarian summer, Hungarian autumn, Editorial photos, Towns, Fauna, Flora, Places of Worship, After daylight, Objects out of lightbox
I've started photographing a few years ago with a compact cam. I liked it but I interested more for it, so I changed to a bridge cam to learn basic settings and rudiments. In 2008 november I decided to buy a DSLR cam, and I chose a Pentax k10d. Now I'm ready to learn to use and enjoy it. I rarely use hard Photoshop effects, I'd better see the real world in my photos. My main interests are travelling and towns - and nature, of course. I think I'm good at nightscenes - howev...


Últimas cargas
Stock Image : Árbol del invierno
Stock Image : Escena del invierno Nevado
Stock Image : Paquete de lavandas
Stock Image : Cueros coloridos
Stock Image : Jabones hechos a mano
Stock Image : Lavanda en escama
Stock Image : Pequeños sombreros con lavanda
Stock Image : Muñeca del cornhusk
Stock Image : Lavanda en un jardín

Las imágenes mas populares
Stock Image : Cuadrado sobre hora azul
Stock Image : Coche de encargo británico - Aston Martin
Stock Image : Extremo del embaldosado
Stock Image : Colada de coche
Stock Image : Abadía en Tihany con el lago Balaton
Stock Image : Masa del calafateo (silicón)
Stock Image : Retrato de Aston Martin
Stock Image : Castillo de Esterhazy con la fuente
Stock Image : Vieja puerta del castillo antes del parque

Imágenes exclusivas
Stock Image : Skink de bostezo
Stock Image : Panorama de Cesky Krumlov
Stock Image : Playa de Lagos
Stock Image : Escena del verano en un jardín del hotel
Stock Image : Cuadrado sobre hora azul
Stock Image : Detalle de la abadía de Westminster
Stock Image : Cuadrado de los héroes, Budapest
Stock Image : Wookie solo
Stock Image : Ramo de la boda

Agingermodelos de
Stock Image : Mano suave del bebé
Stock Image : Parque dañado
Stock Image : Viaje en montaña

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